Management’s decisions for the Institute are made by a committee comprising of Senior Officers and Managers of the Institute. The committee is responsible to the governing council for ensuring that decisions of the governing council are implemented efficiently. The members are as follows:



Mr. Constantine S. Lifuliro


Prof. Innocent J. E. Zilihona

Deputy Rector (Academics)

Mr. Tiberio R. K. Mdendemi

Deputy Rector (Planning, Finance and Administration)

Dr. Frank H. Hawassi

Director, Lake Zone Centre (Mwanza)

Dr. Omari B. Mzirai

Head, Department of Research and Consultancy

Dr. James Lwelamira

Head, Department of Population Studies

Mr. Allan W. E. Mfuru

Head, Department of Rural Development and Regional Planning

Prof. Israel B. Katega

Head, Department of Environmental Planning

Dr. Timothy Vedastus

Head, Department of Development Finance and Management Studies


Head, Department of Human Resources Management

Dr. Francis B. Njau


Mr. Abeid M. Zaggar


Mr. Richard Mkilania

Estate Manager

Mr. S. Panga

Ag. Head of Policy and Planning Department

Mr. Makari Moshi

Senior Assistant Dean of Students

Mr. Godrich H. B. Ngoli

Senior Marketing and Public Relations Officer

Mr. Tuntufye Mwakipesile

Senior Internal Auditor

Ms. Aisha Mjegele

Legal Officer

Mr. Reginald K. C. Mavere

Head, Procurement Management Unit

Mrs. Juliana Manyerere

Head, Library Unit

Mr. Fadhili A. Ngalawa

Head, ICT Unit

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