It is my great pleasure to welcome both ounew and continuing students to the Institute oRural DevelopmenPlanning for the academic year 2018/19. I congratulate you for choosing to study at IRDwhich is the only higher learning institution with the mandate to oversee and coordinate the provision of expertise to in-service and pre-service personnel involved in DevelopmenPlanning in the country. Implementatioof development policies,strategies and plans at different levels requires knowledge, skills and competences, and I want to assure that you have madthrighchoice and at an appropriate time to study at this Institute as you begin your professional journey towards becominqualified developmenplanners.


In executing itmajor functions which aeprovision of training, research and consultancy services, the Institute has continued to offer top quality competence based and demand driven long and short term training programmes, research anpublic services to different stakeholders. Over the years, IRDP has also continued developing its staff capacity and competences  in differenaspects of developmenplanninand management to meet the current and emerging demands in thfield.


It is ousincerhope that our currenanprospective students and other partnerwill continue using IRDP services as westrive to contribute towards alleviating qualitative and quantitative shortages o fskilled manpower within the framework ofsustainable capacity building directed towards reducing poverty and attaining sustainable development.


Always ourmotto is Kupanga ni Kuchagua”


Ag. Rector




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