The Institute of Rural Development Planning (IRDP) alumni was established in December 10th 2008 during the IRDP 1st Convocation meeting held at the IRDP premises.

The main goal for establishing such body was to remove the vacuum that existed between the IRDP academic staff and former students of the Institute so as to share and exchange experience on issues related to their professional.

IRDP Convocation

The IRDP convocation is unlike any other higher learning Institution conferring of degrees. Rather than a conclusion or a new beginning, convocation is a ritual assembly of our community to celebrate academic accomplishment while recognizing our continual search for knowledge.

In our convocations we invite a wide variety of speakers from different professionals, but all sharing a common purpose: to foster academic inquiry, stir dialogue around pressing issues, and, above all, honor intellectual achievement in our community.

The Vision of the IRDP Alumni

The vision of the IRDP Alumni is to serve as profession association and create forum for sharing experience among alumni members for better partnership in the area of development planning.

The Mission

Promote and deepen the professional of development planning by boosting their relations and inter-fellowship of its members so as to foster development of the country

Convocation Leadership

President of the Convocation: Mr. Josiah Mshuda
Vice President: Dr. Youze O. Mnguu
Honorary Secretary: Prof. Innocent Zilihona
Treasure: Ms. Agness Chawene
Other members:
Mr. Peter Mosha
Ms. Immaculate Gillo
Ms. Grace Benedict
Mr. Revocatus Nyefwe

IRDP Alumni in Social Networking

If you already use social and professional networking platforms, you might be interested to know that the Institute Alumni Office has a presence on a number of these sites. By joining these groups, becoming a fan, or a follower, you can make contact with fellow alumni, build your own networks and find out what is happening with your institute

Online Registration form

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Convocation Chairperson,


Institute of Rural Development Planning,


P.O.Box 138,




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