Given its core task of ensuring quality education, and given the challenges presented to the Institute by the rapid expansion of student enrollment, the Institute has found it necessary to establish an instrument that will shoulder some of its subsidiary responsibilities including facilitating provision of accommodation to students, and hence the establishment of Mipango Students Accommodation Bureau (MISAB) which is a Semi – autonomous body within the Institute's administrative structure.
The main task of the bureau is to source and secure from Landlords, accommodation premises to be used as student hostels whose rooms are then sublet to needy students.

Role of MISAB

The Institute of Rural Development Planning does not have a mandated responsibility of providing accommodation for its students. However, in view of the problem of securing convenient student accommodation within Dodoma Municipality at reasonable student rates, the Institute has established Mipango Students Accommodation Bureau (MISAB) which is a semi – autonomous Bureau for the purpose of assisting students to secure accommodation.
Prospective IRDP students (tenants) are therefore urged to try to secure accommodation privately before their arrival at Dodoma in the first place, but those who find it difficult to secure accommodation privately should apply for accommodation through filling in accommodation request form available at MISAB office. MISAB will take liberty of contracting people who own hostels and negotiate rental charges.

Types of Hostel Accommodation Available to Students

There are three types of accommodation available through MISAB:
(i) Hostels owned by IRDP
(ii) Hostels rented by MISAB
(iii) Hostels under private landlords who are willing to let IRDP students but whose renting agreements are made between the landlords and individual students. MISAB in this case acts as a clearing house between the contracting parties.

For more detail download accommodation form here

Criteria used in allocating accommodation available to MISAB

(i) Foreign students
(ii) Students with physical disabilities
(iii) First year students who are currently residing away from Dodoma Municipality
(iv) Continuing female students, currently residing away from Dodoma Municipality
(v) Continuing male students residing away from Dodoma Municipality
(vi) Any other students

Given the order of priority above, MISAB sorts the names of students according to these categories and proceeds with the allocation process. It should be noted that information on application requests for accommodation should be received well before students arrive at the Institute.

All correspondence in connection with MISAB should be addressed to:-

P. O. BOX 11957,
Mwanza, Tanzania



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